A Poem From One of Our Clients

We received this poem from one of our clients, and we thought we’d share with you. It makes us feel to good to know that our work is appreciated, and that our clients are happy.


Hand writeen Poem testimonial for CMY Fiduciary Services

The text reads:

I want to tell you right away that I am sad to go today.

You’ve done me proud and worked it well,
To coin a phrase, “it was swell.”
You watched my money and dealt it out,
with always a smile, and rarely a doubt.
I want “newcomers” to read this and know,
their funds are safe, as you will show.
You’ll do them proud as you did me,
With fair spent funds at a very good fee.
You cared about me, and friends,
And were kind, too, when funds did not end.
My last trustee was ice and cold,
She spent thousands of dollars
I was not told.
Here it is different, just ask away,
They’ll answer all questions, and no one will “play.”
Both they and you work every minute,
They’ll do their best to see you win it.
I hope this helps all understand,
That when help’s needed, they’ll have your hand.
So again I say to all you here,
You’re in my heart, I consider you dear.
To Carolyn & Lindsay, most of all,
You made my money last til fall! 🙂
I wish you all continued success,
You run a business that is the best.


Marlise Blessing