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Administrative Staff

Annabel Cooper – Has worked as an Administrative Assistant for the past three years.  Prior to working at Carolyn M Young Fiduciary Services, Annabel served as a school teacher.  She is a breast cancer survivor and likes to spend spare time traveling or with friends and family.  To reach Annabel please email her at

Lynne Lear – Has been an integral part of the company for more than 20 years.  She works as a field representative and regularly takes her clients to medical appointments.  When she is not advocating for her clients, Lynne likes to spend time with her grandchildren. To reach Lynne please email her at

Mike Petris – Has been an assistant and notary since 2006.  He brings balance as one of two males in the office.  Aside from work, Mike is a marathon runner and new father to his first child, Andrew.  To reach Mike please email him at

Val Reichow – Has been office manager for the past 16 years.  She always has a kind word and goes the “extra mile” to help each client.  Outside the office, Val likes to travel and spend time with her grandchildren. To reach Val please email her at